Your Favorite Plus Size Model

Peace & Love to all. I am “Your Favorite Plus Size Model”, Ashley Jordan. I am a published plus size model & Entrepreneur in North Carolina. Modeling was never a dream I had as a child but I’m so grateful that I made the discussion to start 4 years ago. When I started my modeling journey I learned very quickly that, not only was this a very competitive industry , but that I needed to have a vision for where I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve. God had a plan for me and that's when the journey started.The spiritual journey that is. I began to understand who I am and the gifts that I didn't understand how to use my whole life. Prayer, healing, meditation, & a little discipline, definitely helped me elevate to levels I didn't know I could accomplish. Im breaking barriers through print & runway modeling, while inspiring women to love the skin that they are in no matter what society says. Im also able to successfully run my business that allows me to express my authenticity, creativity, & strengths. I was also honored with the position to lead, elevate, & push models to achieve their highest modeling potential at Prophetic Productions LLC.The list of accomplishments throughout my carrier goes on and on but none of these accomplishments would have been possible if I didn't listen to what God had planned for me. I'm  blessed to be living in my purposes and using my gifts to bless others. 
The elevation won't stop because I won't stop. I will continue to spread love, radiate light energy, set the bar high, turn heads, & elevate in everyway possible.