We offer a variety of services. 
Please read the service descriptions carefully and pick
which service best fits your needs.

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Creative Director- Are you having a creative block? Do you need creative assistance or new ideas? Let us help you bring the vision to life. With creative ideas and teamwork, we can successfully execute your projects vision Rates start at $75.

 Production Assistant - Producing a good show or event can be overwhelming and a lot for one person to handle. Allow us to assist with the demanding duties of production/event coordination. We pride ourselves on professionalism and great energy. You won't be disappointed. Rates start at $100.

 Accountability Coach - We all can benefit from being held accountable. Sometimes we get off task easily due to the daily demands of life or the demands of an entrepreneur. Having a personal accountability coach will motivate you to complete the tasks that are important to you. Rate starts at $50.